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I know from experience that these unsightly scars appear almost out of the blue. I put a few pounds on (just a few, certainly not more than 5) when I was 13 or so, and BOOM they were already there inside my thighs. I really didn’t know what they were, how to get rid of them or fade them, and I certainly didn’t think that they would linger so long… but they did, until I tried some natural remedies which helped me to improve their appearance.

So I’d like to share some tips on stretch mark remedies that I tried and found effective after so many years of having them. But before diving in and talking about how to reduce stretch marks I’d like to identify a few facts about them, so that we have the proper knowledge base to develop the right mind set to treat them…

Who’s More Prone to Get Stretch Marks?

Although with all the unhealthy eating habits among younger generations and on the other hand with extreme obsession to have a healthy looking and (not necessarily healthy but) fit body, it is quite common to see individuals of both genders and all ages with stretch marks throughout their body. But some people are more prone to get them based on their genes and life conditions. Who are they?

Pregnant Woman's Bump with stretch marks

– Females

– Pregnant women (especially young moms)

– People with family history

– Overweight or obese people

– People with fluctuating weight due to harsh diets


Stretch Marks Overview

– People who are doing body building

– Teenagers with hormone changes

– People using corticosteroid medication

– People who receive cortisone treatment (cortisone is known to weaken elastic fibers in the skin)

Treatment Options: What You Should Know to Make A Good Evaluation

If you do seek cure for stretch marks, be aware that available treatments are only partially effective and none of them will be able to remove the stretch marks completely. If you keep your expectations very high, you most likely won’t be pleased with the results you obtain regardless of the treatment type you receive and the money and time you spend on it.

Here are the 4 factors to consider when looking for the best treatment:

Age of the marks : It’s much easier to improve the appearance of recent stretch marks.

Your skin color and tone : Certain applications such as vascular laser treatments won’t be effective for women with darker skin

Your budget : Some treatments involve office visits to a dermatologist and use of appropriate equipment (such as laser or microdermabrasion machines). These types of cures are considered “aesthetic treatments” and tend to be expensive. They will most likely not be covered by your health insurance.

Your time : How much time you have available to dedicate to a treatment? Can you handle several visits to a doctor’s office every so often?

How to Lighten Stretch Marks?

When it comes to reducing the unwanted stretch marks, you have a few treatment options: natural remedies, creams, laser treatment, microdermabrasion and tummy tuck (surgery). The latter three involve dermatologists’ input and given the cost and time requirements they would be last options to consider in case inexpensive and natural cures won’t provide desired results. Here we will limit ourselves to talk about best remedies to treat stretch marks.

Natural Stretch Mark Remedies

Remember that stretch marks happen when the middle skin layer called dermis is not supported sufficiently, in other words when this layer is stretched it reaches the limit of its elasticity and it starts to have tears in it. So we have to make sure that any natural ingredient or product we use should be able to “restore” this condition. Here are a few suggestions that are proven to work for me and others:

Can Essential Oils Reduce Stretch Marks?

Although there is no extensive scientific or clinical study on the power of natural essential oils on healing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks, many people benefit a great deal from them. You can apply these oils directly on the affected areas but when it comes to essential oils since they are very potent it’s always recommended to use a carrier oil such as coconut oil, caster oil or almond oil to dilute them and for ease of application.

Below is the list of oils that you can use for your stretch marks. All of these have regenerative effects on skin improving its elasticity and moisturizing it to heal damaged skin cells:

Nerolirose oil tangerine oil chamomile essential oil lavender oilChamomile oil
Helichrysum oil
Geranium oil
Myrrh oil
Frankincense oil
Rose oil
Lavender oil
Olive oil

You can use these in various combinations as well; that way you could get more benefits from them. You can prepare mixtures to use over the course of a week or two but be mindful that carrier oils mixed with essential oils don’t last long, so do not prepare big quantities.

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One sample solution to create a more potent stretch mark remover could be the following:

Mix ½ tablespoon of lavender oil, ½ tablespoon of chamomile oil and 2 tablespoon of a carrier oil like jojoba oil or avocado oil. You can apply this solution on your stretch marks for up to four times a day for best results. Using these oils you can also prevent pregnancy stretch marks as well.

Natural Cure For Stretch Marks

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is used in treating and reducing stretch marks, acne, and other scars due to its acidic nature that helps to heal skin imperfections. Rub lemon juice on your stretch marks and let your skin absorb it for about 10 minutes then rinse it off.

Castor Oil: This is a natural oil that is widely used to treat any skin condition related to the lack of elasticity such as aging, wrinkles, fine lines etc. It is also used to prevent and eliminate age spots, moles and dark spots. Castor oil rubbed into the skin has proven to help improve elasticity and prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy or any other weight gain.

Potato Juice: The vitamins and minerals in potato help to promote the growth of new skin cells as well as  to restore them. Just cut it in thick slices and rub the flashy part onto your stretch marks making sure that all that starchy goodness covers your scars. Let it dry on your skin and then wash it off. repeat as many times as you like.

Aleo Vera: This miracle plant is a wonderful source for many skin issues. It contains dozens of minerals and many vitamins including vitamin B, especially vitamin B12. Thanks to its soothing and antimicrobial properties it helps treating eczema and acne. But not only that: the agents and preservatives it contains help increase cell growth therefore the it is an important healer for burns and stretch marks. Just cut one leaf off, slice a piece of the leaf open. You can sprinkle some sugar on it if you like and rub onto your body and stretch marks. This will also moisturize and exfoliate your skin. Consider having a pot of aleo vera plant in your home or better plant it in your garden.

Olive oil: For a simple reason that is it contains vitamin E and it will help keep your skin moisturized. You can apply pure oil directly on your affected area or you can choose to mix it with following ingredients which are also said to fade and improve the appearance of stretch marks:

– Turmeric: Create a paste with it. Also you can throw in a few drops of essential oil of your choice.

– Alfalfa powder: Mix it with olive oil as well as chamomile essential oil to create a paste.

– Raw natural sugar: Mix it with a little olive oil to create a scrub. You can also add in some lemon juice or essential oil(s) of your choice, and you have the best natural exfoliating substance.

Rub all of these paste on the affected areas and let them dry before you rinse them off.

Remember that preventing the stretch marks is more important, because there isn’t a 100% cure for stretch marks. Keep your skin moisturized at all times, and that will help a great deal to avoid them.

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