How to Get Rid of Ringworm Fast – Is A Topical Ointment Best Solution?

If you are noticing red or even silvery ring-like rashes on your skin that feel itchy and look irritated around a bumpy ring with flat and healthier looking inside then chances are you are infected by fungi that cause dermatophytosis or ringworm. Best thing to do now is to get more information on how to get rid of ringworm fast for two main reasons:

First of all, this skin condition tends to spread pretty quickly due to the fact that it is highly contagious.

Secondly it tends to become chronic if not treated immediately so it’s very important that you act right away to find the right treatment to get rid of this unpleasant, scratchy and infectious disease.

It’s worth quickly mentioning that  a ringworm that refers to this skin condition is not actually a parasitic worm as its name suggests. This terminology was based on an old belief that they were actual ringworms trapped under the skin’s surface most likely based on their ring shaped physical appearance. Although we all know now that it’s not the case, it kept the name to this day.

Ringworm is a type of fungal infection that appears on various parts of the skin in ring-like red or sometimes silvery rashes. They could be scaly, will always be itchy and are sometimes inflamed.

ringworm rings on bellyIn more severe cases the rings may multiply, grow and merge together. The rings may also feel and appear slightly raised with the skin underneath feeling quite scratchy. As the condition progresses, you will have several patches of ringworms that will be raised and blistered. If not treated properly eventually pus-filled sores will form around these rings.

Don’t be surprised to hear that it’s quite a common skin condition. In fact it has been estimated that at least 20% of the population in the United States has been infected and have sought treatment at least once in their life.


ringworm on bellyIt’s caused by several different types of fungus that are actually present everywhere. They like warm and moist environments such as our feet, scalp and skin folds, and once they nicely settle on the outer layer of our skin, hair and nails they feed on keratin. Keratin is the structure that makes up the outer layer of human skin; it’s also the key structural component of hair and nails.

You can be infected by sharing personal belongings such as towels, clothes, hats, bed linen that have been used by somebody who has ringworm; but mostly by direct skin to skin contact with an infected person or a pet (dog, cat, guinea pig etc).

As we stated before the moment you see the signs of this fungal infection, you should immediately start working on how to cure ringworm fast, because when left untreated this skin condition tends to become painful and may cause severe scarring.

A Topical Ointment: Phytozine

Although it can be successfully treated with antifungal medications used either topically or orally, the best and most preferred way to get rid of ringworm on your skin is to apply a cream. There are many over the counter brands you can buy from the pharmacies. They are usually good at clearing fungal skin infections. There is actually no supporting proof that any one cream surpasses the other ones in treating the condition. If the skin is inflamed the dermatologist will most likely prescribe a cream that has steroid in it. Steroid will reduce the inflammation therefore fight the itchiness and red appearance of the rings providing much needed relief, but will not kill the fungus that is present under your skin.

A product called Phytozine is made specifically to treat ringworm infections. It is created by Sisquoc Healthcare Company who claims that it’s the most effective and comprehensive topical ointment that immediately works and cures this type of skin disease caused by fungi.

What Does It Do?

This product is basically a fungicidal that has the ability to attack and kill the fungi that cause ringworms. Its potency derives from the presence of an active ingredient called Tolnaftate (keep reading for more information on this).

Furthermore, the original blend of organic elements and minerals placed in the product will not only trap and destroy the fungus but will also soothe, condition and moisturize the skin.

What Are The Main Ingredients?

This ringworm killer uses toinaftate as its active ingredient.  Toinaftate is the most potent ingredient that has antifungal and antiviral properties that can contain and de facto kill the ringworm fungus. In fact it has gained FDA approval for the treatment of ringworm infections.

Phytozine cream actually contains 1% toinaftate, a modest consistency but one which is proven to be a safe and at the same time effective for the ringworm treatment. This concentration also makes it safe to use by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

This fungus killing  cream contains 51 other inactive ingredients that are all dedicated to compliment toinaftate in managing the fungus problem as well as clearing the skin and keeping it healthy and moist.

While a lot of customer testimonials state that improvements are very visible after the first week of use, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks to fully get rid of the infection.

In the meantime, let’s review what an infected person needs to do or avoid doing.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Since the ringworm fungus is highly contagious and can easily be passed on from one person to another, there are things that an infected person should pay attention to while he’s being treated to clear this condition.

  1. Refrain from the habit of sharing personal belongings such as clothing, sports equipment, sheets and everything else that comes into direct contact with the skin.
  2. Do not lean on sports equipment with your exposed skin that is infected. Use towels if necessary when you need to sit and lie down on the equipment in your favorite Gym.
  3. Wash clothes in hot water with a fungicidal soap especially if you suspect them to have been exposed to ringworm.
  4. Refrain from walking barefooted in public locker rooms and shower areas and make sure to wear at least sandals in the gym when working out.
  5. If you suspect that you have been exposed to places where the potential of being infected by the fungus is high, you should wash your entire body with an antibacterial and antifungal soap, preferably one containing tea tree oil.
  6. If you have the infection avoid touching and fondling pets. And if you’re not infected, again avoid touching and padding especially those ones with bald spots.
  7. Keep your skin folds dry as those areas are the places the fungi thrive the most. Use drying or antifungal powder between your toes.
  8. Wear loose underwear.
  9. Have a change of underwear and socks everyday.
  10. Avoid skin to skin contact with people suspected of having ringworms.

Conclusion: Why Choose Phytozine?

Remember that nearly 25% of all infected people develop chronic ringworm condition. So it’s crucial to start the treatment as soon as you suspect that you infected this disease.

If you are looking for ways on how to get rid of ringworm fast -which you should in order to have a better chance for full and complete elimination of this discomforting and painful skin condition- using Phytozine cream will most likely take its place at the top of your list of options for two main reasons: Sisquoc Healthcare Company not only guarantees the elimination of ringworm infections with a very strong return policy (a 60-day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee), but they also use a special blend of organic elements and minerals that have been proven very effective in curing ringworm immediately.

A container will be enough for a month’s supply with two applications per day. This amount should be sufficient to clear your ringworm. If you have rings in many places of your body, it’s advisable to get more than one container as the company offers discounts on 3 months and 5 months supplies as well as corresponding freebies.

If you’d like to know where to buy Phytozine, you can order it directly from product’s official website where you can also join their coupon club and make use of their monthly discount coupons for future purchases.


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