March 12, 2015

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How to Get Rid of Back Acne

Back acne can plague both women and men. Although the exact cause of back acne is not known as with any type of acne, it could certainly be quite an embarrassing skin condition. Women do not want their back acne seen through their backless dresses, tank tops and swim suits. And men find it very uncomfortable to expose their back covered with acne at gym or at any public place.

Back acne occurs when the pores and hair follicles on the back get clogged by excessive amounts of sebum. Sebaceous glands are situated just below the skin's surface and continually produce and release oil through the pores in the skin.  Sometimes these glands are over-stimulated by different factors such as internal imbalance or hormonal fluctuations causing overproduction of skin cells that leads to clogged pores. Puberty or excessive exercise could be one of the reasons. Acne can also be caused or triggered by diet, stress, exposure to toxins and even reactions to makeup or skin care products.

When sebum accumulates and mixes with dirt on the skin surface, this will produce an environment for bacteria to pullulate. The bacteria will start to multiply fast, causing the pores and surrounding tissues to become inflamed and swollen with pus. Even though they are covered with clothing, back and body acne can be just as persistent as facial acne, but is more painful than facial acne in many ways.

There are blackheads on my back...

Unlike the acne on your face, the pores on your back and body are much larger and produce much more oil than those on your face, also because skin on the back is thicker than anywhere else on the body. The friction between the skin and clothes also aggravates the situation by causing irritation. However, just like any other type of acne, they are curable.

There are a few things you can start doing to improve this uncomfortable and painful skin condition.
The list below outlines the basics to how to get rid of back acne.

Practice Proper Hygiene

Keeping yourself and your environment clean should be your priority and one of the most efficient ways of getting rid of back acne, as sometimes referred to as "bacne".

  1. Shower regularly with a mild antibacterial soap that would not further irritate your skin. You should wash the  area with acne breakout gently without too much scrubbing.
  2. Some topical and not harsh disinfectant can also be used sparingly and on a small surface. Do not wash your entire back with any of these solutions. Be as gentle as possible with your affected skin.
  3. Apply moisturizer if needed. Make sure that it's perfume and alcohol free.
  4. After exercise or workout, make sure to remove your gym clothes immediately to avoid accumulation of sweat and dirt on your skin.
  5. If you have long hair that rests on your back, make sure to wash it regularly too. it is also advisable to maintain it in a bun to avoid contact with the acne pimples as this may contribute to worsen the skin condition.
  6. Be sure to change your towels and bed linens often (once or twice a week), so that the bacteria doesn't find a warm and humid environment to survive.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothing

    1. Wearing tight clothing around the back area will cause friction therefore increase the skin irritation. This can worsen the overall skin condition on your body.
    2. Restrictive clothing may suffocate the already suffering area of the skin and lead to poor elimination of toxins.
    3. You should opt for clothing made from natural material and fibers such as cotton which is considered a “breathable” material. Do not wear anything made with syntactic fabrics.
    4. The clothes should be fit loosely to allow air circulation so that the sweat and oils evaporate easily and your skin stays aerated.
    5. Avoid things and activities that would make you sweat more than normal. For example carrying a backpack might cause you to sweat more, so refraining from it until the acne has cleared completely is most certainly a good idea.

Hands Off Your Back

When you suffer from acne, the first instinct is usually to touch and squeeze the pimples. But this will only serve to further aggravate the situation and worsen the break out. When your hands are not clean, they will deposit more bacteria and germs on the area affected by acne. This will cause the pimples to get bigger and make them multiply at a faster rate.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the essence of life and the health of our skin is closely related to our water intake. Water is the best and fast way to flush toxins out of our bodies through either sweating or urination. It's true that when you drink a lot of water you also end up sweating more but your entire body benefits when you use this cleansing method clearing up your skin from the pimples. 

Maintain A Healthy Life Style

  1. Eat healthy foods and a balanced diet. If you avoid junk food and trans-fats not only your entire body but also your skin will greatly benefit from it.
  2. Vitamins A, C, D and E are particularly good for skin. They help the skin heal faster and regenerate new cells.
  3. Finding ways to minimize stress will most certainly help your skin to be at its best.
  4. Having a good and uninterrupted 7 to 9 hours of sleep is crucial for the regeneration and healing of the skin. Men tend to need 9 hours of sleep, while women can get away with 7 or 8 hours daily.
  5. Be sure not to expose yourself to environmental toxins and pollutants.

Acne is a curable skin condition. You can get rid of your back acne permanently using holistic methods. Acne No More  offers 100% natural ways to cure and eliminate your acne from the inside out without creams and without using drugs and without any side effects.

For severe acne conditions, you should consult a dermatologist who can advise you accordingly. In some cases, the back acne requires advanced medical treatment.


  • Complete elimination of your existing acne
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  • No more blackheads
  • No more oily skin
  • 100% natural system​
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