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May 29, 2015

Did you know that eighty percent of people in the age bracket of 11 to 30 are affected by acne, with 99% of them having acne breakouts on the face, 60% having some on the back (backne) and 15% having these troublesome unsightly zits even on the chest? The course of acne is variable. Methods of fast acne treatment vary from natural remedies, topical medication to sunlight and ultraviolet light, antibiotics, and hormones.

Let's review some easy, inexpensive and effective solutions acne sufferers get best results with... Essential oils, sulfur soap, and a complete skin management system: Acnezine.

Essential Oils for Acne essential oils for fast acne treatment

essential oils for fast acne treatment

essential oils for fast acne treatment Essential oils are best natural alternatives for treating acne as well as scars. However it's imperative to know how to use them, blend them, and apply them. Proper formulation and application of essential oils can most certainly help you with your treatment. Diluting essential oils in a carrier oil is always recommended. Some oils are very potent to use alone. Also, carrier oils are skin-loving natural oils that will benefit the overall health of your skin too. You can use almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil, sea buckthorn oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil to name a few. Coconut oil is a wonderful and complete natural skin product that could be used as a carrier oil for any essential oil applications.

Here are 6 essential oils for acne treatment. Believe me there are many more that you can incorporate into your cure regimen. Let's start with basics and we can talk about and analyze the others in another post.

Oregano Oil

This oil is not an ingredient that every household would have but it's an excellent one to have in your pantry for its aromatic and flavor enhancing properties.

But that's not all. This oil has so much to offer to your skin that it also has to be part of your medicine cabinet in the bathroom. It's antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Use this miracle essential oil for spot treatment but never in its pure form. It's very strong and you may "burn" your skin tissue if you apply without a carrier oil. You can have half and half ratio or even one to ten ratio (this one is probably how you should start to test) and apply on your troubled spots before going to bed and in the morning with a help of a Q-tip.

This oil is an acne bacteria fighter. And once the bacteria is out of the picture your acne will start to clear.

Tea Tree Oil

Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties it's an essential healer for many skin conditions (including fungus related ones), and acne is no different. It has a very distinctive smell and is another very potent oil to be applied with caution.

Some get good results by dabbing tea tree oil directly to pimples to disinfect them and reduce inflammation. But, it is highly recommended to dilute it with jojoba oil, coconut oil or olive oil first, especially for people with sensitive skin. 2-3 drops to one pump of unscented moisturizer would work too.

This oil is quite effective to help control flare-ups and heal any existing pimples. Use 100% pure, organic tea tree oil. Apply no more than 3 times a day to individual pimples. In most cases, it's proven to speed up the healing of the pimple within a few days.

Get 100% pure, organic, therapeutic-grade tea tree essential oil here.

Lavender Oil

This oil is the mother of essential oils. It could be used to treat many skin conditions.

Lavender oil is so gentle but at the same time very effective that you can use it as part of your daily skin regimen to prevent acne breakouts. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it can tame down inflammations and reduce blemishes at the same time.

Mix coconut oil with some lavender oil and massage a small amount over your entire face after cleansing before going to bed. This is truly a great oil for all skin types and needs.

Get 100% pure, organic, therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil here.

Bergamot Oil

Its revitalizing scent will tell you all: bergamot oil is an anti-bacterial agent that is capable of perking up your skin but also spot treating your acne.

Mix bergamot oil with coconut oil and you’ll have a potent acne bacteria fighter.

Get 100% pure, organic, therapeutic-grade bergamot essential oil here.

Rosemary Oil

When you are not using rosemary oil to add flavor to your chicken or potatoes, you can use this essential oil for acne treatment because it is known for reducing the excess oils from the skin.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm redness and puffiness caused by acne infections.

Aside from being a pimple fighter, rosemary oil can also improve blood circulation on your skin to keep it smooth and firm.

All these essential oils can help ease your acne breakouts but they will not measure up to one of the best all natural commercial acne fighting and preventing products in the market today.

Juniper Oil

This oil is an important anti-bacterial astringent. It fights and kills bacteria filling up the hair follicle and creating clogged pores. It is also known to treat eczema. Again make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, caster oil or aloe vera gel that are also equipped with acne fighting properties.

Does Sulfur Soap Work? essential oils for fast acne treatment

sulfur soap

Yes, it does, mostly for mild acne. Unfortunately causes of acne are not well known, and maybe that’s why not every treatment available would show the same effectiveness on each individual. Sulfur soap has proven to work for many people. Some of these people are long time sufferers who couldn’t find any other remedy for their pimples and breakouts and they can finally clear their acne with this soap. For some it works only for their back acne. But there are also people who do not benefit from it at all. This is a very inexpensive solution that you may want to try and see for yourself.

Here is what sulfur soap does to your skin condition: Sulfur helps unclog the pore thus clear the acne. It also has antimicrobial properties that will fight the bacteria that is trapped within the pores.

Acnezine Review

Acnezine (an FDA registered company) has been advertised on TV and social media lately and claims to offer a complete skin management system. This acne cure package contains a double action treatment: internal (dietary supplement) and external (Acne Moisturizing Cream). The treatment aims to eliminate the root causes of acne fast using only natural elements without exposing the user to harsh chemicals and their side effects on delicate and sensitive skins.

This acne fighting package is pretty easy to use. There’s a cream that you have to apply on your current breakouts after cleaning your skin but also there is a detoxifying supplement capsule that you have to orally ingest daily.

It contains detoxifying and skin regenerating agents such as antioxidants, vitamins and herbals: vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Collagen to name a few. The creams active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide which unclogs skin pores but also helps stop bacteria from growing and causing acne pimples. There are several over-the-counter creams containing this agent that works quite effectively for many people. The 5% consistency that Acnezine has is well within FDA's specifications for safe usage.

Most people see their condition get worse before it gets better (do not panic if that happens to you too!), because this agent will push out the pus formed from bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum. So the blackheads and whiteheads could increase or more break-outs could happen. But once the pores are cleansed, the bacteria will not come back again. This is what the company is promising. And in fact it works for many people clearing and curing their acne.

One word of caution on our side is that if you have sensitive or dry skin, you have to monitor your skin's dryness during the Acnezine treatment. Because its active ingredient benzoyl peroxide tends to dry skin out and removing the moisture from your skin is the opposite of what you want to do during any acne treatment.

Just cleanse your skin well using a mild cleanser (never harsh soaps) to open up pores to absorb and benefit from the cream. Then apply Acnezine cream by gently massaging over the affected areas (never rubbing and further irritating skin) three times daily. Don't forget to take one capsule of Acnezine supplement after meals eevry day.

This product works for so many and you have to try it yourself to see how it works for you: take advantage of their 100% money back guarantee and claim your trial bottle by visiting their official website.

Maybe Your Acne Prone Skin is Very Easy to Heal

Maybe the solution is as easy as that... just a few adjustments to your life style and eating habits...

1. Get appropriate amount of sleep – that is seven to eight hours of sleep at night for women and an hour longer for men. This is the time needed for you skin to rest, regain health and heal any damage occurred during the day. Remember that your skin can only repair and rejuvenate during the sleep. And the quality of the sleep is essential to.

2. Change your personal linens daily such as pillowcases and towels. Bacteria that stays on the linens will prolong your skin’s healing and clearing out from acne. Make sure to clean your face thoroughly before going to bed with a gentle, natural and organic cleanser. And apply a gentle moisturizer to help your skin to heal during the night sleep.

3. Antioxidants are good for the overall health of your skin. They help your skin not only to look young but also to heal. Eating antioxidant-rich fruits such as blueberries, cranberries, dark colored grapes, dark green veggies, beans, artichokes to name a few. Trying to add more antioxidants to your daily diet will improve your overall health and your skin will just start to reflect your radiant physical condition. Drink a lot of water to help purify your skin, your organs, and help your blood circulate.

4. Avoid dairy products deriving from cow’s milk that contains additional androgen hormones. This can cause hormonal imbalances resulting in breakouts. Cut out dairy products might have positive effects on women’s acne treatment.

To your acne free skin!

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